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Record number of readers for pollen vegetation mapping paper

We are pleased to report that in the first 3 months of its publication, this article received 36,000 downloads.

Publication date: 9 November 2017

NERC PollerGEN partner Met Office Rachel McInnes blogs about 'what is causing my hay fever?'

Enhanced UK vegetation maps bring us a step closer to linking the aerial transit of grass pollen from source to deposition site

Publication date: 18 July 2017

PollerGEN partners reveal link between pollen and increased hospital admissions in London

Asthma and allergies are some of the most common diseases in many countries globally. UK figures for asthma and hay fever were amongst some of the highest in the world, with one-in-five 6-7-year-olds having asthma and one-in-ten having hay fever.

Publication date: 21 June 2017

First year of pollen super sites sampling heralded as "amazing achievement"

PollerGEN Team collect a total of 279 tubes of pollen in year one of the project.

Publication date: 31 May 2017

PollerGEN Public Engagement Activities

Highlights from the various team activities to March 2016.

Publication date: 31 March 2017